Apps like cm security and clean sweep?

If you are using it to Clean Cache by running the Junk Files utility you are possibly using it for good since you are cleaning up junk you might not need anymore. But if you are using the Phone Boost utility then you might be causing more harm than good. Android requires apps to be running in the background for best performance of the apps/games. If you are using phone boost it basically stops the processes of these apps which would restart automatically after sometime i.e., few minutes/seconds. If you open an app and it was cleaned up by Clean Master then Android has to load the process for the app first which might slow down launching of the app. Bottomline - Its good to use Junk Files but not Phone Boost. If you see an app using too much power or keeps running in background and if you dont need it the best way to deal with it is to uninstall it. But if you need let it run peacefully in the background. Android itself will close background processes/apps if it needs RAM to load/run an app.