Apps like cm security and clean sweep?


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Aug 12, 2014
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Do they actually help? Someone told me to try them and I've had problems since. Keeps telling me I'm running out of space when I have less on my phone now then before. I cleared some caches yesterday and now I'm not getting emails it seems. Any ideas?
I don't use them. The OS does a good job of managing space and memory. And your right, adding these kind of apps just take up more space.
Every now and then the advanced clean function will find something I fogot about but usually it's only MBs not GBs. As for the cache,it's likely a waste of effort and much of the cache will come back again anyway. CCleaner is a little less intrusive..
Ok .but I've got an icon on the top of my phone that says storage space running out...and I can't get it to go away!
I'm with leeshor, CCleaner is a great app to use every once in awhile if you get space errors like you're experiencing.
Go through your gallery and clean out old pictures, and/or upload them to the cloud or transfer them to your pc. Do the same with your text messages if you have a bunch that haven't been deleted. Go through your apps and get rid of any you don't use on a regular basis. Then run CC. If that doesn't work, a factory reset would probably help. didn't mention what device you're using....that may better help us determine the best course of action.
Good luck!

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Galaxy s4. I recently deleted like 200 pics. Have gotten rid of a handful of apps too...never had these warnings until I used those apps (which I've since un installed)
I use DiskUsage to see what is hogging up space on my phone. Sometimes those big extra files that some games download do not go away after you uninstall the game itself.
+1 for CCleaner!

I use it about once a month to clear cache and get rid of the cobwebs. It only does what you ask it - WHEN you ask it. It doesn't get any brilliant ideas of its own like some of the other cleaners .

A daily restart is another one of my favorite "cleaning agents" ☺

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So I see a factory reset, which resets all data. Or just reset settings...will that not make me lose what's on the phone?
Download Samsung Kies on your PC. Hook your phone up and create a backup. If you don't and you choose factory data restore them all of your stuff is gone. Kies is very easy to use. After you do the FDR you can re-sync your music, photos, contacts, notes, etc through Kies again.
Ok got it. Downloaded it and think it's backed up. Now I can reset?
Once I disconnect my phone from kies will I not see the backed up stuff until I plug the phone back in again?