Market Place Apps will not download or update - Error


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Oct 31, 2011
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Hi everyone, so ever since my phone updated to the new version (gingerbread i'm guessing cuz someone told me that), i've been having problems with my phone quite a bit. Just yesterday my phone now will not allow me to update any apps. Or download any new apps from the marketplace. It comes up with a orange triangle! At the top menu bar.... I also cannot download any pics or pdfs off the internet like I used to be able to do.

I'm thinking it's sumthing with my actual phone or sumthing as my husband has the same phone &figuring updated his, &I his apps will update fine.

If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this please let me know!

I checked the space &I I have enough space. I also cleared the data from the Market Place, as advised, &I that didn't do it either.

I have heard I can do a factory reset, however I would rather avoid that as I don't want to loose everything.
Did you check settings/ storage. How much application storage and sd storage

Settings/ applications/ manage applications
Select market
Force stop, clear data and clear cache
Exit and reboot phone

Dial *228 and option 2 to update roaming

Most likely you needed to clear cache partition
To do that you need to boot to recovery
Turn off phone
Press and Hold x and press power
When you see exclamation mark screen press both volume buttons
you should be in recovery to scroll use volume buttons to select press enter on keyboard
Select wipe cache partition
Wait till it's done should only take a few seconds
Select Reboot system now
Might fix it, will not lose data
Also read FAQS

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Someone else posted a thread on this issue, and I think we got the solution figured out. [link]

  • If you've changed your LCD density in any way, reset it back to the default of 240 (reboot if necessary)
  • Go into manage apps > Market > touch the "Clear Data" button
After that, you should be able to start updating again. I had the same issue, did the two steps above, and I had 15 updates waiting for me! It was great.

Letting the updates run as I type. My phone uses a rifle reloading sound for install notifications. Little thing sounds like she's on a killing spree right now! :D