Application Manager reporting 20gb used out of total 16gb internal storage.

Valerea Orden

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Dec 10, 2015
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Hey all! Thank you for giving this post your time.
I'm having the issue of space on my Galaxy S5 internal storage is being taking up by invisible applications. My application manager is reporting that there is 20gb of applications on my phone but there is only 16gb of space. This is causing the issue of keeping applications from updating and making the phone think it's full up when it's not. Now, application manager does have an accurate count of how much space is "free" (currently 4.4gb now that I have cleared most of the applications off my phone in an attempt to catch the app culprit that is reporting falsely). I have factory reset my phone once before in an attempt to solve this issue, but it failed to fix it. I've also gone through every application listed in my application manager to see how much space each app was using according to the application manager. No luck there. I have an inkling that it may be an issue of Android not clearing old storage files after I switched the storage location from my internal memory to my SD card. Using System Monitor Lite to scan through Android's horrid attempt of a file system, I caught what I think was little bits of old movies from the Google Play Movies & TV app, but I am unsure of where the hell the phone memory begins and the firmware ends. I have successfully confirmed the location of the SD card on the mess of a file system (I think). But, I've been a Windows guy all my life, and Android's way of doing it's OS is so limiting. It's standard files viewer is woefully inadequate.
So have you guys seen this issue before and/or have any suggestions to have to remove these ghost applications? Thank you again for your time in teaching this old dog a new trick.


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Jan 24, 2011
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I have seen something similar to this in Google drive app. I had to delete the data for drive, then go into recovery, and wipe the cache to get rid of the big file I was attempting to upload. I would try wiping the cache from recovery

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