Droid Internal Memory Being Consumed


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Jun 16, 2011
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I continue having problems with my internal memory being consumed. I deleted applications only to have the free space that was created with the deleted app to be slowly consumed by something. I am not sure if it is caused by downloading updates to existing apps on the phone or if it is something else. I have about 40 apps on my internal storage and 67 apps on the SD card. One thing I have noticed is the app storage size of apps located on the internal storage. When I look at the description of the app on the Android Market I see the size of the file, but when I look at the size of the app on my internal storage it is 2 or 3 times the size (i.e. Flash Player on the Market says the size is around 4 Mb, but when I look at it on my phone it is 12 Mb). Not sure if I am looking at something wrong or not. Another problem I have is all my icons disappearing on my desktop pages for up to a minute after I have been in some applications. I am due for a new phone the first part of August, but I'm really annoyed and am hoping someone has suggestions to help me out until then.
Forgot to mention that I have the original Droid 1 with only 256 Mb of internal storage.