Apple responds to iPhone 4 reception issues: you're holding the phone the wrong way

^Funny pic LOL!!! Yall have made my morning.....

My coworker just showed me his shiny new iphone and I just showed him it's shiny new call drop feature. He was not amused, and acted like it was not a big deal. Gotta love stumping the isheep.

The iGlove, and this has my literally crying over here...

I can picture the co worker now:

All smiley, cheesing "Hey look what I got, THE NEW iPhone 4!!!"

U - Heh, lemme show u something....

Him - .......................
The way I see it, Android deserves millions of users, I just don't think millions of users deserve Android.
"There is NO Reception Issue"


Late photo of Steve Jobs emailing people on the iPhone 4 issues

"There is NO Reception Issue" - iPhone 4 Forum

rfbandit, a reader from MacRumors, emailed Steve Jobs about the reception issue with the iPhone 4. He inquired him about giving away free Bumper cases to iPhone 4 owners. In response, he received a message back that makes me wonder if Steve has been taken over by a monkey on a computer(hence the picture above).

The answer to the reception issue is this:


hahaha, I love the pic!