Anyone else notice a severe slowdown after Froyo update


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Aug 5, 2010
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Seriously, I thought that Froyo was supposed to be faster, and improve battery life, My DROID is way slower after update, and battery is drained way faster than with 2.1... Why???

Also, why does email have to be running constantly?

Any ideas???

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ehh mine is way faster. As for email always running probably so it can constantly check for new emails.
Been numerous posts about this already.
My Droid is faster with Froyo, and the battery lasts just as long as before, if not longer. Doesn't seem like anyone has been able to figure out why people are getting such diametrically opposed results yet.
Yeah, mine isn't and hangs, on many view changes. Also, when I touch an icon on the home screen the yellow highlight stays for a second and the screen transition is slow and blurred.
When in messaging the keyboard takes a second or two to come up, and sending takes a lot longer than before...
The gallery takes a good 5 minutes to display photos...

I just reinstalled the update, and no change.

I figured that about email, but I don't want it constantly working in the background. And no task killer kills it, or rather it comes back on after kill...

I wonder if the FRG022 update will fix these issues...

Mines is slow also... I'm about to remove it and root again
A factory reset might solve some of these issues. I know after the 2.1 update I had to do one and everything ran fine after that
If you have a taskiller, uninstall it! FB, get the updated fix for that. Then see how it is running.
Glad I am not alone, mine too has been running slow, and after boot it is still unusable for about 50 seconds.

Also when I slide to unlock the phone, the slider looks frozen for a second or 2 before it goes to my home page.

Even my browser is slower, at first I thought it was just, but it is like that on other pages as well. Sometimes my after clicking a link, my browser will just open a blank white page.
+ 1 for removing task killers. Additionally, if you did not wipe restore your backup, wipe and reinstall.

If you are experiencing a slower Droid it has to be something that you are running that is causing it. This version of 2.2 is a faster version then 2.1.

If you are running antivirus, or task killers, get rid of them.

If you still see it's running slower then something else is causing the issue. A factory data reset will have it running like new.

There is just no way this build is slower. Quadrant test show that it's faster.
Just want to throw this out there for the OP and anyone else having serious problems after loading Froyo.

I had been rooted, overclocked, and ran just about all the custom roms from the major developers (2.1 roms). However, all froyo based roms cause my Droid to freeze and become unresponsive to all input (screen, power button, and soft touch keys), requiring a battery pull to reset.

I always wipe data and cache 3x before installing any rom, and I always start out with zero 3rd party apps, and don't use antivirus or task killer apps. Tried different launchers, etc. Same results every time. I have even left the Droid alone for 30 minutes to let it finish syncing apps and contacts following a rom installation. Even then, I see my Droid spontaneously reboot at about 20 minutes.

The few times I actually did get a froyo rom (FRB01B) running on my Droid well, it doesn't last. As soon as I get an unresponsive screen, it becomes unusable after pulling the battery and rebooting.

It is for this reason that I suspect that there is something wrong (hardware) with my Droid that is preventing it from running froyo. 2.1 roms run fine on it. I have unrooted and gone back to completely stock configuration to await the official Verizon release of FRG22 next week. Then I will accept the update, which I fully expect to make my Droid run like cr@p. Then I will take it to Verizon to get a new/refurbished Droid that will run froyo.
Thanks, all!

Yeah I uninstalled the one task killer app that I had, and I haven't seen the FB patch, or can't find it (although I just barely read about it, so haven't done an extensive search).

As I've been reading about the custom ROM's I think I'm going to install Sapphire, and see if that makes any change...
Now if I can find the instructions for that...
I don't have ne links and while running custom roms for a few weeks now the most stable I found is the FRB01B by pete (which can be found in the bugless forum) runs smooth with the stock kernel that pete has on there. I am OCing at 700 mhz and it runs beautifuly