SystemPanel = Better Battery Life?


Oct 17, 2010
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Phoenix, AZ
Hi everyone,

I am running a rooted D1 clocked up to 1ghz. As many of you know, the faster the phone is running, the faster the battery drains! I stopped using my task killers once froyo came out, but I stumbled upon an app called SystemPanel that had a task killer plus a feature where the app could stay awake and "monitor" what apps run in the background and what drains the battery.

I downloaded the app and was not overly impressed with the statistics it provides, but I have noticed something strange, my battery life is WAAAAY better when I use this app's monitor feature. Over the last month I have tried to run a few tests, going a few days with monitoring active and the going a day without it, and consistently I have 30-40% more battery remaining at the end of the day (about 14-15 hours) when SystemPanel Monitoring active.

This makes no sense to me at all, so I thought I would share this with the Droidforums world hoping somebody can shed some light on why my battery life is so much better. I have not conducted serious tests, just daily use and a quick check of the remaining battery at the end of the day.


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