Another Server on the way!



Guys, I can't thank the community enough for being one of the most awesome communities I've ever had the privilege to be a part of.

We have a great Admin/Mod team, and we have a great userbase.

For the most part, we have friendly and super informative discussions happening all day every day and for that reason we have exceeded even the capacity of our really beefy server and have to add another server into the mix.

We have ordered an additional server from Softlayer and this server will be a dedicated Apache front end, and the current mysql/apache server will do only mysql.

We have seen tremendous growth lately attributed to all the new Android phones hitting the Verizon network.

We expect to do this transition tomorrow or the day after so if you see a bit of downtime or some wonkiness it's likely due to that.

Thanks for being a member of the site and making this great place possible! dancedroid


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Nov 30, 2009
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N.E. Ohio
Not surprising. We've been getting new hits and breaking records almost daily. Thanks John for getting high quality equipment to keep the Forum running.