Android today, why I'm exhausted (from a casual user)


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Feb 27, 2012
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So i've been a big Android supporter since the very first Droid launched. (First one I bought). To me Android is incredible, the multitasking superior and the ability to install and reshape your experience excellent. I've also been a Moto fan for a long time because I believed in the quality of their hardware. I've dropped moto phones so many times only for them to just brush it off. But as a casual consumer I just can't defend Android anymore and it's the manufacturer's fault.

As a consumer who buys an Android phone, your experienced is flawed from the start. Crapware is installed in Android phones in leaps and bounds and really ruins what should be a clean software experience. I look at my Bionic apps and I have stupid stuff installed like City ID and Blockbuster (aren't they out of business, really?). I'm tired of this, i'm tired of defending this while Windows Phone and the iPhone are clean out of the box. Why does Motorola heave and moan and drag their feet when their customers badger them for software updates to phones they bought 6 months ago? It's Google's fault they say, no it's Verizon's fault because they need to certify our software, yeah Motorola after trying some of your gingerbread builds on the Droid X that were declined by Verizon I can see why they were declined. I'm so exhausted of companies who pretend you no longer exist after baiting you to buy their devices and to feel supported again you need to buy the device that release 3 months later. Make no mistake every manufacturer does this. Why does the Droid 3 have the latest version of motoblur while the Droid X has an older build? Why does HTC Sense differ on every device? Why did my Droid Bionic drop out of connection every other hour, why did it take them 3 months to officially resolve? The phone was delayed for months and you couldn't get this crap squared away before hand? Why was a Galaxy Tab a waste of money after 6 months when honeycomb released and you decided not to update it? I'm sorry but the hardware was there to run it, you just didn't want to.

Every time I got to an Android forum, or browse for Android information it's because i'm fighting the system not because i'm looking for more functionality. My Android and the top 10 apps in the app store already provide the functionality I need, I'm just looking for a way to run Android as reasonably as I can without feeling screwed over by my investment. That's pretty much what the Android community is dedicated for. I want software updates within a few months they release, I want a clean phone and I honestly dont care if you want to put on your touches to the interface, but don't abandon your proprietary software on one phone just because you launched another and then locking me to it. Stop launching so many damn phones! How about instead of pumping out phones with double the CPU's every 3 months how about you work on making the experience as flawless as you can on the phones you have now. Most Android phones in the market today are essentially unfinished products because they're so busy moving on to the next thing. Google makes a wonderful piece of software how do you bozos manage to screw it all up?

I also want to say this is from a perspective of someone who really rarely flashes roms and even if I wanted to have been hamstrung by the bootloader being locked. I just don't understand how my girlfriend's original Droid Incredible was easily flashed with Android 4.0.3 and gets some really great functionality (and surprisingly great performance) and she doesn't even want a new phone and i'm chillin out on a half baked Droid Bionic with gingerbead and some jargon like 'planning phase/decision phase' for ICS. It just goes to show that dual core this, hi def that is a massive scam fueled by tech bloggers who need to hit their click quota for the month. The ONLY way to go with an Android phone is with one that allows you freedom to fix any mistakes you see fit unless *gasp* heaven forbid they actually release something that's functional and reliable out of the box. To the average user, i'm so sorry and I hope things get better.

And none of this stuff is getting better guys. They're already starting to pump out quad core phones who literally on earth could take advantage of a quadcore phone? Even a lot of the single core phones still run apps like a boss. For tablets I understand, but for phones this is just getting ridiculous. I'm vowing to no longer support phones that loaded with bloatware, are bugged out of the gate and zero care or support from the manufacturers (95% of the android phones) and i'll be keeping an eye out for the next unlocked bootloader phone or Nexus and kissing these piece of crap companies goodbye. Or i'll jump ship but that's unfair to Google in my opinion, i'll try to support Android as long as I can.


Feb 16, 2011
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SO guy buy an Iphone or a windows and quit complaining,they have just as much issues as any smartphone does these days. My issue is if you are really that dis-satisfied with your purchase take it back and get one of the phones you think are the better product. I'm sure no one will miss another person that gets upset because there is an app that really if you don't want you don't have to use.
So go enjoy your new iphone or windows phone!


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Nov 11, 2009
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Sounds like you need a Nexus:p

But really Android is a pretty fragmented OS and every manufacturer wants to do its own thing with it, that's the advantage of Open source. I find the fragmentation as a good thing as each phone has certain features that may only apply to a certain group. However, to say it's an unfinished product is a matter of opinion and many would argue completely false.

I'm not going to argue (as I see this thread going downhill fast), but I will say that Android is definitely a finished product and fully functional out of the box. None of the current Android phones are "crap" as you say, you just seemed to have purchased the one that didn't meet your expectations.