Android 5.1 SDK Heads Out to Developers


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Dec 30, 2010
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Android developers can expect to be busy soon. Google just released the Android 5.1 SDK (API level 22) out to the developer community. Here's what Google had to share about what is new in this update:
What's new in Android 5.1?
For developers, Android 5.1 introduces a small set of new APIs. A key API addition is support for multiple SIM cards, which is important for many regions where Android One phones are being adopted. Consumers of Android One devices will have more flexibility to switch between carriers and manage their network activities in the way that works best for them. Therefore you, as a developer, can create new app experiences that take advantage of this new feature.

In addition to the new consumer features, Android 5.1 also enhances enterprise features to better support the launch of Android for Work.
Android 5.1 supports multiple SIM cards on compatible devices like Android One.

Updates for the Android SDK
To get you started with Android 5.1, we have updated the Android SDK tools to support the new platform and its new APIs. The SDK now includes Android 5.1 emulator system images that you can use to test your apps and develop using the latest capabilities and APIs. You can update your SDK through the Android SDK Manager in Android Studio.

For details on the new developer APIs, take a look at the API Overview.

For more info, here's the source link from Google: Android 5.1 Lollipop SDK Android Developers Blog