Android 4.0.4 is Rolling Out to Select Devices

This is all because of that "unsupported" issue, regarding CDMA devices. I trust you all recall this?

I was thinking these slow updates by google then were bc of verizon Not allowing Google wallet or something like that
I am really disappointed in how VZW is handling the update process for Android devices. They have the best 3G service in my area and the most aggressive 4G roll out but I still dislike their policies (not to mention their pricing). But for now it seems I'm stuck to them.

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Well, I got notification on my Wifi Xoom that there was a system update to 4.0.4 ready to download. Downloading now. We'll see how it goes...:question:
Been running 4.0.4 on Liquid rom and it is fantastic.

Preach, you really should think about rooting. Unless you are worried about being overwhelmed by the incredible quality and abundance of development for the Nexus.

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What I don't understand is why would the Razr and Rezound would get 4.03 OTA before the Galaxy Nexus. :icon_eek: