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Nov 16, 2010
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When will Android 2.3 be released to the public?

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Well to tell you the truth I havent seen an offical release date but I am hoping it will be released in february or maybe march. You can root and run Most of the gingerbread rom. Just read a lot before rooting. It will be nice for an OTA update to be released with the 2.3 GB OS
no confirmed date yet, but i believe there are some ROMs coming out soon that are 2.3..from what i've heard.
the most accurate time estimate i heard was the week of Christmas when they said "2.3 will be available OTA on the Nexus One in the coming weeks".
GB is already out, I don't think it will ever be released for Droid, but I am pretty sure the OS has already hit.

There are a few GB roms for the Droid already, but they are still a little buggy. CyanogenMod 7 nightlies are GB, as is the new Ultimate Droid, and Liquid Gingerbread.
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Yah it's already been released, if you're talking about an update for a specific phone let us know which phone you mean.
Cyanogen has nightly builds of Gingerbread at the moment. The gyroscope doesn't appear to be working yet, but otherwise I haven't had any problem with the builds.
I have the original Droid, so just wondering when or if 2.3 will ever reach the original Droids? Also my bro has the Droid X and he hasn't gotten an update yet. Thanks everyone for the help.

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