Android 2.2 SDK Updated to Match Nexus One FroYo - AOSP too?


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Nov 6, 2009
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As we've become accustomed to, the guys and gals over at Google barely take a breath before releasing the next update... to something. Well, today Google has updated its Android 2.2 SDK to match the recent updates pushed to the Nexus One. This is certainly good news for app developers looking to make their applications as stable as possible on Google's latest Android FroYo offerings (FRF91 on the Nexus One).

What does this mean for the average user? Not much, but perhaps ROM developers in our community will be able to use the newest pieces of the SDK to improve the ROMs already out there. Also, it seems that in the past few hours, there has been a small push to Google's AOSP (Android Open Source Project) in the platform, tools, and kernel trees. Let's wait and see what our developers have in store for us...maybe FRF91 on our Motorola Droids soon?

Thanks to Shadez for the tip
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Mar 12, 2010
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The great thing about all of this is by the time Google gets done with its' Froyo AOSP and SDK tweaks and the ROM devs finish tweaking and cooking up some awesome ROMs we will be seeing Gingerbread leaking out. Essentially a never ending stream of delicious desserts from our friends at Google and the wonderful Droid/Android Dev. community!