all pictures missing


Jul 23, 2012
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Droid Turbo
All my pictures have disappeared from Gallery & Quick Pic apps :oops:
Any idea what caused it? They typically don't just go missing. Gallery is one thing but missing from QuickPic makes it much worse. Try clearing the Gallery cache.Also use a file manager to browse to the DCIM folder to see if anything is there.
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This happened to me. I posted in here about it BUT installing QuickPic worked for me.
Have you browsed the phone with a file explorer or on your PC to make sure they are still there?
used ES file exp but no luck no pictures
I use quick pic also & no pics there
I don't suppose you checked at verizon cloud, or other cloud backup that pretty much sets itself by default for a backup?
Wow that sucks! But like lee said they normally don't just up and disappear. Retrace your steps to everything you did even to the night before. I'd say more likely than not you either moved them or put them on some "hidden" setting and didn't accidentally delete them. Or Verizon and/or Google+ for whatever reason transfered them to their cloud.

Did you try using your PC instead of a file explorer on your phone? Might be a little easier to navigate and should show any hidden files...

Don't lose hope yet! It seems unlikely you'd just delete the whole folder without realizing it.
Bummer sugee!
As K1 suggested, try to retrace your footsteps to try an determine what may have happened. Just for craps & giggles, you've rebooted your device since all this happened right?

S5 tap'n
well I happened to keep copies on PC so I'll search my picture folder for them and put them back on phone (lots of work ahead)
I did that as a "just in case" lucky me
BUT I would like to know how this happened and hope it doesn't happen again ...strange that it came off both quickpic and gallery apps
yes...It;s in camera roll
I suggest you look into installing DropBox so you can sync those with the cloud for the future but the fact that they were missing is a puzzle.
I have dropbox that how I got them saved to PC

just not sure how to get then\m from dropbox to quickpic or gallery
Hmm, maybe when you backed up your pictures to your computer you transfered the pictures off your phone
some of those pics were transferred a few yrs ago