Gallery problem

Can someone snap a pic of your Gallery for me, please?
This is what my gallery app looks like on Android 5.0.2. I could not tell you what any other version of Android looks like because I normally use QuickPic.

Looking for a Kit Kat Turbo Gallery...

Does this look right?
Honestly couldn't tell you, but it appears normal from what I last recall. Someone else should probably chime in.
This is mine and a swip from right to left for images in the file highlighted


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I think what he meant was does it look normal that there are 0 images/videos available... IMHO, no.
This is mine and a swip from right to left for images in the file highlighted
Yes, and in yours, you can see to the right very dark images of the individual folders showing pics/vids. That's what it's supposed to look like. And when you choose from the selections above, or simply swipe the screen to the left, you'll see those folders and the thumbnail images for each.
You see FoxKat...... All ya gotta do is post and stuff gets fixed! How do do that?
Quick! Get on the "how do I run this country again?" forum and post something on Obama's thread!
Well, I just can't stand it anymore. Backed up SMS/Call Logs/Pics.
FDR here we go.
Wrote down every app I installed because, well you know Google is not great at backing up all of the apps. In fact, is pretty horrible at it.
So let's see EXACTLY how many it brings back down. There are exactly 43 apps that I have added to my phone.
Heh...actually a good thing. This is my work phone so I thought I would try a Remote Wipe through Office 365. Found out, yea...that didn't work. But I know what's wrong and can fix it.
So then I tried Android Device Manager. That was instant...
OK...I'm impressed. Every single app came over. 1st time that's ever happened.

and...... My Gallery is fixed.
Not back to QuickPic. ;)