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Jan 25, 2010
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I can't believe this is Turbo specific but I'm putting it here.
So, I'm in Vegas. Wake up and no pictures in my gallery?!?
Take a pic: now I have one.
Use ES Explorer and they are still there. Reboot. One pic. Pics still in DCIM > Camera along with the new pic I took. But it shows nothing prior to that day.

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Go to settigs - app manager - all and find Gallery. Clear the cache and settings, (no loss will occur), then force stop and restart the phone. You will need to give it a few minutes to find the files and re-index them.
Tried that (-minus force stop). Tried it with force stop and rolled back gallery updates. No change.
This is so messed up. Android user since day 1...I've never seen anything like this. If I didn't know what I was doing and knew how to check my storage with something like ES, I'd be freaking out. I would hate for this to happen to a clueless user.
Also un-installed all apps I installed while in Vegas. No change.
Found a post where this has happened to others and someone suggested trying Quick Pic.
It found all pictures instantly.
QuickPic is nice so I will try it out and troubleshoot this more meanwhile.
Again just bummed because if this happened to someone like my wife who is not techy at all, she'd be so freaking out.
Easily the worst Android glitch I've ever seen...

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Hmmm...not specific to just the Gallery. My Roll shows the same pics Gallery does. Uninstalled that, too. No change. So odd

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Interesting but clearly not funny. I'll do some research to see what may be the cause.

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Tried the first one earlier. Won't open., FC every time. Trying the 2nd.

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Another possible set of solutions...

Solution 1 Note to the steps for both Internal and external Card
-> Go to File manager -> Android -> Data -> . Delete this folder ( ) in both internal and external card . Then do the next step . -> Go to Settings -> Apps / Application manager -> Search for Gallery -> Open gallery and Click on Clear Data . -> Then switch off your phone and wait for few minutes ( say 2-3 min ) and then switch On and wait for few min. Thats it now All images and videos are showing in Gallery

Solution 2 -> Go to the respective Folders where images / videos are stored and Go to settings > Show hidden file . And see if there is .NOMEDIA file . If there is such file then delete it . - Then siwtch off and switch on .Thats it

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2nd also FC's. Niether works because of KK.
Solution 1: there is no*** folders at all.
Solution 2: looked for this earlier. Didn't see it. Forgot to show hidden. Tried it, now only shows the Screenshot folder.
Jeez Louise!
I'm sure a Clear Data will fix.

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Sorry, 2 no gallery mention.

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Clear Data > Reboot, no pics at all.
They are still safe, obviously, and QPic shows them but Gallery only shows Screenshot folder. This is SO weird.

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Took a new pic. Shows up in Gallery. Older pics, same folder, no show.
Really enjoying QPic, so I'm disabling the Gallery for now.

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