All my texts disappeared after my phone died


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Dec 21, 2014
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Two years worth of messages are gone and no where to be found. It seems that nothing except the messages were affected. I think they disappeared shortly after my phone died because I can only see new texts that came in after my phone died.

A little background info:
  • My phone is a little over 2 years old (Pantech Flex)
  • I always charge my phone 100% before unplugging it, but I didn't do it the day my messages disappeared.
  • I had to unplug my phone at like 60% and leave the house. I used it until it died shortly after.
So why did this happen? How can I get my texts back?

Thank you all. Please ask any questions if you need to.


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Apr 1, 2011
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They might be able to if you were using the stock messaging app. You might contact them to check. Good luck and welcome to the forum!

Definitely look into the app Fox suggested. I've been using it for years with great results. Something to consider moving forward.

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Apr 2, 2010
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Would my service provider be able to restore them from their servers?
Cellular carriers do keep copies of your texts but for how far back is the first question. They do so mainly to aid in criminal investigations although they must be subpoenaed to release them.

Whether that carrier would or even could reset all the read flags to "unread" is the second and more important question. If they could/would, you could just restart the messaging app and all old incoming messages would come flowing back in as new message.

As far as your replies, that's a whole other problem. Since they were sent not to you but from you, their destination address is your recipient, not you so getting them to come back to you would require them to all be readdressed to you, something you're carrier will almost definitely not do for you. Again, the sent messages are stored on the receiving end so your recipients could forward them back to you but to go back two years is a lot to ask of others, and that's assuming you know who they are, and that they've even bothered to save your replies.