Alarm + ringtones not playing normally


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Feb 21, 2010
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When i got my droid x and transfered my droid notifications and music over i noticed if i set my alarm tone, notification, or ringtone to play any of those tones it.previews normally but when it comes to the realtime tone it rings a default ring.

This doesn't happen if i select an actual full mp3 song as my alarm (meaning i select mp3 instead of ringtones in alarm options). This also doesn't happen if mp3 is selected as a ringtone.

My folders for where these files are located is like this:

In media folder i have 3 folders. 1. Music. 2. Notifications. 3. Ringtones.

So basically i have a lot of trouble getting things in notification and ringtones folders to work properly. Right now my notifications and default ringtone to work correctly (took me a few tries but got it to work somehow). Setting up individual ringtones is harder to get it to behave correctly.

Right now alarm sound plays default ring even though it says my selected notification sound is set.

Anyone got any ideas?

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I have the same problem. The Droid X can play the songs if I choose them from the music app, but when set as a ringtone, they just play a default ring.
I'm actually having problems with my alarm not working at all. Tested it a few times and it doesn't work but if I adjust the settings to how I don't want them then it does
my alarm works but although I have it for higher volume, the alarm volume is super low still, def. not enough to wake me up.
Actually I spoke too soon, it seems that the alarm on the droid starts off low and then gets louder as it plays at least on my droix x it does.
I've had problems with my DroidX and my wife's Droid2 where it picks and chooses whether it can read the MP3 tone (has a real issue with songs with a hyphen in the filename and no ID3 tag), and on my X I moved my tones over to the phone memory so it'd still ring when it was plugged in via USB... and it would just play the default ringer.

I reboot the phone and it works perfectly.