ADW Launcher Help!! x10


Jan 2, 2011
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Perth, Western Australia
Hi guys,
So ive spent hours customizing my dekstop with ADW launcher - and i accidentaly removed the menu button from my dock. I really need to get into the menu to keep customizing, eg dragging icons to my desktop. How do i get my menu back, or how do i even access it without the shortcut on my dock? I'm using an xperia x10, ADW launcher. Thanks guys.
pull down where the menu bar was, it should re appear.

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In the lower part of where the menup baread was, put put your finger on it and swype down. Similar to pulling down the top menu.

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You mean the dock? Touch the screen from where the dock was then pull up, it should reappear.

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Long press on the home screen and select Launcher Actions, then select Open/Close App Drawer.

If those options aren't available long press on the home screen select Custom Shortcut, then Launcher Activities, then Open/Close App Drawer.

Whichever method you use will create the Open/Close App Drawer shortcut on your screen, simply pull it to your dock and you're all good!