Adobe Flash 10.1 ported to HTC EVO on Eclair


May 4, 2010
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While Nexus One owners are waiting to get their official Froyo update in order to get their hands on full version of Flash 10.1, the HTC EVO has just gotten a little ego boost. The guys over at XDA-Developers have posted up an APK file for the HTC EVO which enables full Flash 10.1 support in the web browser.
Those of you familiar with HTC Sense devices are probably aware that the handsets come equipped with Flash Lite which is a bit buggy, slow, and incompatible with many Flash components on the web. Apparently the APK only seems to work on a few HTC Sense equipped handsets (Sprint HTC EVO and Hero) but may also be compatible with a few others.
Installation it fairly straight forward, but I did need to restart my EVO since the browser was acting a little slow after installing the Flash 10.1 APK. I was able to get video files on to play along with a few Flash games from Hit the source link to download the APK and be sure to let us know how it works for you.