Adding new contacts - I save, and they don't show up

ok i joined just to answer this is how 'I' fixed this exact same problem

you might not like it but it works :)

login to gmail and add your contact there..thats it...then sync your droid...settings-sync-gmail...

thats what i had to sucks but hey, it works :)
Missing Contacts

The way to fix this is to go to your Gmail account online.

Move all of your contacts from the different groups to "My Contacts"

After you are sure you have all of your contacts in My Contacts, delete all of the other groups

Make sure you merge all of the duplicate contacts

Now you can add a contact on your phone and it will show up

If you add a contact without a phone number and you want it to show up you will have to uncheck the box under display options that says show contacts with phone numbers only
New Contacts difficult to add to phone

Whenever I add a new contact, it disappears, so I went to my gmail on my PC and sure enough it was there. On my display options in my Droid, everything is checked off, so my new contact should show up. Yet, on my gmail on my PC the contact is found under "All Contacts" but not "My Contacts." I have to go to my gmail account and manually click "Move to My Contacts" everytime I add a new contact. Is there any way I can add a new contact on my phone without having to sync it from my computer every time? Thanks so much.
Yes. Go to Gmail and move all of your contacts to "My Contacts" then delete all of the other accounts from your Gmail account.
Such incredibly lousy advice. 'I just went into my gmail. Put all my contacts into my contacts. Merged my contacts. Then went to all contacts and deleted. Deleted all my contacts, period. Yeah, thanks.
Please Read The Directions

Before you say that someone's advice is bad, make sure you read the instructions and do what is said to do and that only. I said to delete all of the accounts except My Contacts. I did not say to delete All Contacts. All Contacts included the contacts in all of the different accounts which after moving them all to My Contacts meant that they were all in My Contacts so when you deleted All Contacts you deleted All Contacts. I never said to do that. Maybe you should get a simpler phone. This phone may be too complicated for you.