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Feb 4, 2010
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I am using my macbook pro and I want to know how can I add my bookmarks from my folder. I tried just putting the folder on the SD but it does to detect the folder when I try to add to browser bookmarks. Do not want to manually add them, there's a lot about 300+.......
I am utterly shocked at the lack of any sort of reasonable bookmark management or syncing. Google has heard of the internet, right?

Here's what I did. Not a perfect solution, but gets the job done.

1. Set up Xmarks for whatever browser you use (Safari, Firefox, whatever). Xmarks is worth using in general, since it provides bookmark backup, syncing across computers and browsers, and online access should you need it on another PC. As a fellow Mac user you will possibly also appreciate that Xmarks conveniently alphabetizes your bookmarks (which is a curious and long standing omission on Apple's part).

2. After setting it up, open Xmarks on your phone, log in, and save the page as a shortcut in your browser or on your home screen.

This gives you instant access to all of your bookmarks and will update any time you add another on on your Mac.

Unfortunately, the sync is only in one direction-you have no easy way to add bookmarks to the Xmarks account directly from the phone.

I tried using a couple of Android apps promising to sync my bookmarks, but they were complicated to set up and removed all of my folder structures, leaving me with an unmanaged, unsorted mess-and they also had no way to send bookmarks back to the Mac from the phone.

The Xmarks method works great, I can only hope that some native integration with one of the browsers will come eventually so we can get true, full duplex syncing.