A Good Verizon Story...Happy Ending


Jan 4, 2011
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The power button died on my D1.
I call Verizon on Friday and speak with a woman at the end of her shift. I need another phone so she can remotely diagnose my phone.
I borrow one and wait...and wait...wait.

Fine, I call back.
I get a woman who was at the start of her day.
I relate my tale...she tells me the first rep just wanted to do a factory reset to see if that fixed my issue.
I tell the woman that I have already tried that. She checks her records and says, "Yes, I see you just reactivated the phone."
"Fine, it is a warranty replacement."

Oh cool, no deductible? Although I won't have the phone until Tuesday since they ship overnight and that would be Monday, but it's a holiday...
She offers a < 12p.m. Saturday delivery for $19.99. (They had to get something out of me, right?)

At 10:00 a.m. it arrived, another D1. I check it out, everything seems to work. A couple of hours later, all apps are reinstalled and I am back to where I was Thursday.

Parenthetically - I use Go Launcher EX and used a restore from my SD card to set that back up and running. All the folders have turned manilla rather than the black/transparent which was part of the theme - Colors.
Any ideas where a setting like folder theme/color would be hidden?