A few droid X newbie questions....

Sep 8, 2010
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So, of course, I have some questions just starting to use my droid. First of all, it is running very warm. I think it might be facebook. For some reason my facebook is linked to my contacts...how do I remove this? I put it on my homepage but never actually installed the facebook app from the market...also, is there anything else that would be running on the x out of the box that would make it hot? I appreciate any help, and I apologize in advance for any more stupid questions

Also, if I want there to only be a vibrate for notifications (specifically texts) is there a way to do that? And to turn off sounds or anything for other notifications except texts? All I see is an option for silent or a ringtone and then vibrate as a general "yes or no" thanks!

and 1 more, is there a way to make sure that things get installed on the memory card or phone (basically choose where things are stored) when downloading apps and stuff?
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