901 update an incomplete update?


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Nov 30, 2011
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So i have been surfing the the forums an internet to learn as much as i possibly can about the 901 update and talked to moto about the accidental release that i got to see if i am still on the upgrade path. And here is what i learned the update that was sent out is apparently an incomplete update so question is what else do they need to add to it? Its already a rock solid update do the plan on bogging down our bionics with more bloatware or do they plan on overhauling the entire phone to get it ready for ICS or just a regular OTA overhaul. What is ur guys best opinion of what the official release will look like an what will happen to the people that got the partial 901 update are we going to be left out in the cold?

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Sep 11, 2011
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My opinion is the next update will be 901 plus some VZ bloatware and it will update those of us on 901 and those on the previous version.

Moto sent it to some phones, they have no choice but to support it, and no reason not to.