4g down in southeast tx


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Jan 16, 2012
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So there's a 4g issue here in southeast TX. No big deal... just letting it be known. Apparently there's an issue in the Midwest also... idk. Not really concerned. I noticed it because my maxx went from rock solid 4g, to 3g... actually it bottomed out first. Verizon's aware of it and they're working to resolve the issue.

Based on this, I would like to submit myself for a job with Verizon doing PR work lol

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They got it fixed overnight. Sorry I didn't report back on this.

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4G appears to be down in the Wash, DC area. Been at 3G all day.

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Growing pains... its because they have to get all these new towers syncd. I know a few tower owners.... you'd be surprised at all the areas that have 4g antennas being unpacked and installed.

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Figured as much....thanks.

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