Verizon Confirms 4G Disconnect Issues with HTC Thunderbolt; Working On Fix

It's not Verizon issue, it's a phone issue. I fixed it by flashing radios from jb 4.1.1 on top of jb 4.2.2. No more sporadic 4g drops.

If it was a Verizon issue, you would see threads about it on every page of every forum and it would effect millions of users.
You could be right (especially in your case). But, based on what I have seen so far, it is a bit of an elephant (some say it is the trunk, other say it is the ears) and it seems to stem from Verizon 4G system but can be overcome by device specific setup such as different radios (as you have done). I also find that older radio is impacted far less frequently than the newer radios.
How is this related to thunderbolt problems from 2011?
I think 2 years ago the TBolt was still the only 4G phone on VZW, so it very well could be network related and nobody knew any better when this topic was created because there was no different phone to use to confirm
I think this is something a little more redundant or robust radio design could take care of, which puts this task more on individual manufacturers rather than Google. I wonder if any manufacturer is really aware of this. Moto doesn't seem to be aware of this, as their latest radio (in Razr HD) seems more prone to this than older ones (i.e., Razr on ICS). Sigh..