4G Data Pricing

Question for the DB experts:
Will the Bionic be able to multi-task in both 3G and 4G?
Have heard that it is the chip set causing the Droids lack of multi-tasking.
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According the the manager at my local Verizon, if you live in a 3G coverage area, you won't have to pay extra for the 4G if you wont be using it.

I think they are going to have to come out with something a little more concrete than that. "oh well for two days you were using 4g and the rest of the month....". Until LTE is fully established everywhere, we're just going to have to trust them about that? My wife travels a good bit; I have a feeling she would be passing in and out of LTE coverage. Has anyone seen a hard dollar amount quoted for a month of LTE?

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Well Verizon's data price on there 4g modems are the same as there 3g modems. I'm thinking the price for 4g smartphone data will stay the same as 3g except it will have a cap.
just my 2cents

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I think it will be same price as 3g for the first few months, then it will go to tier data a few week before the LTE iphone is announced.

I have no proof, I'm just guessing on what will happen.
My guess is they will not have 4G data prices figured out until the U.S is all 4G, or at least until the majority of the U.S. is 4G. If the spped is there, I will pay for the service. Eventually, it will come to a time that regardless of provider, we are all going to have to pay for it.
i don't know what the tiered plans will be. if you're already on VZW with $30 unlimited data, then that's what you'll be paying. i think 30 is fair for 4g, but not really for 3g especially when they charge extra for text. i believe text should be included in data like it is/was for Sprint and AT&T. i suppose if you're a new customer and you wait until later this year, then you may end up paying more than that. if it goes any higher it will cost more than home broadband!