Does the bionic can do simultaneous voice and data over 3G and 4G connection?

Apr 12, 2010
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I'm extremely excited about the bionic coming up tomorrow but I do have one single concern and is about being able to make calls and surf the web at the same time over either 3G or 4G connection.. I have the Tbolt and I do love it but I can't just let the dual core on the bionic just go like that.. But that feature is a deal breaker for me, the verizon reps keep giving me different answers.. Does anybody know about this? Thank you in advance..
I've had the OG, the Fascinate, the X and most recently the TBOLT and as I've heard I'm able to do voice and data at the same time on the TBOLT either 3G or 4G cause it has two separate radios? so this means the BIONIC won't have two separate radios? It just doesn't make sense to me that such an amazing phone with all those awesome specs can't do what a past phone can...and I didn't know about that sGPS feature, Thank you!
Well the TBOLT has a special SVDO radio that allows it to use voice and data ove 3G but from what I've heard, it's not very reliable (which is why the Verizon reps don't adverstise that feature). It also depends on where you live because it doesn't work everywhere there is Verizon 3G.

As for sGPS, that is my guess based on what I read from wikipedia but I'm not too sure. You can read it for yourself.

"As the name implies, Simultaneous GPS allows a cellphone to receive both GPS and voice data at the same time..."

S-GPS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It doesn't have anything to do with how many radios. It's called svdo. The Thunderbolt is the only Verizon phone that supports it. Might be the only one that ever supports it.

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Thank you very much! As long I can do it over 4G it will be fine then, here in Phoenix 4G is almost everywhere! (except at my work's restroom) So I guess I'll be fine! Thanks again! DROOOOOOOOOOOOOID!! :p