3g stops working. when turned off resets homepages.


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Jan 20, 2012
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The other day my 3g stopped working. It force closed everything and gave me "no connection" errors every time I tried to open anything that used it. I tried the old off/on routine and it worked. The only problem is that it reset everything on my homepages. Everything I had changed was reset back to how the phone came.

Now this wouldn't be a huge issue, except for now it's happened three times. I took it to Verizon once already when it happened and they were baffled, but we eventually got the 3g working again with the combination of clearing caches and multiple on/off's. But the homepages still reset. It's not really a huge problem and it's generally fixable but it's getting obnoxious to have to change my pages and shortcuts back just to have them reset again.

Anyone else having this issue or have a suggestion?