2.2 not installing


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Apr 25, 2010
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Whitestone, New York
well i got the little popup for the update, and i tried installing it. when it booted up, it said the installation process was aborted, so i booted it up normally. when i went to try to install it again, it said "your phone is up to date", but it still says its running 2.1. any hellppp pleassee?
are you running stock 2.1 update-1? are you rooted? if your rooted with a custom recovery the update will fail. you'll have to flash back to stock then update if thats the case.
i used to be rooted, but ive been running stock 2.1 for months now. do i have to get rid of the old update.zip? im pretty sure i already have it deleted but maybe its hidden somewhere. would that affect anything?
not just being on your memory card, it shouldnt. when you went back to stock what did you use to do so. i.e. (rsd lite and sbf files)? if you reboot in recovery is it the stock recovery or sprecovery or clockwork by chance. if you do have the stock recovery you could always try using rsd and flashing to stock 2.1 again then try the update. only reason i can think its not working is because of you recovery.

edit. try deleting the old update.zip file and see then if that doesnt work then you got me, personally id just flash back using rsd and try again. hope this helps.
right now its going into SPrecovery. i need to get it back to stock recovery? how do i do that exactly?

by the way, thank you very much
gimme a sec ill find a link for ya.

http://www.droidforums.net/forum/rescue-squad-guides/39254-sbf-root-unroot.html <---------(instructions on how to do) dont forget the drivers too. windows only though. 32 bit or 64 bit

follow instructions from here, option 4 sbf back to stock... but use this sbf file from petes website it will flash back to 2.1 insted of 2.01.

http://www.peteralfonso.com/p/downloads.html <-----(rsd and sbf download place)

you can also download rsd lite from this place as well youll need that to flash. then get the ese81 sbf file (about 134mb)

instructions from first link are great. just follow and youll have no problems.

if you have any problems either post back here or you can go into the rescue squad, those guys are awesome.......... good luck
its alot easier than it looks, just take your time and read the instructions. ive used i cant tell you how many times now.
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im going to sleep right now actually, but ill check that out tomorrow. thank you very very much :)