2.2 & Messenger


Jan 29, 2010
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2.2 Loaded up today on my Droid.

Two things I noticed that was odd:
1. is that the custom MP3 I previously set for my ringtone for when a message comes in, is gone. The only sound options are the systems built in tunes.

2. On the home page I am wondering if the page designation is correct. Not sure how to explain. At the bottom of the screen there is this new ph/menu/internet tray. On the right side are 2 dots and on the left are 2 dots. So if this was truly the Home page, should there be no dots on the left? No dots on the left would tell me I am at the end of the line - sort of speak.

Any ideas to fix these ?
the home page is in the middle of your pages, its the 3rd screen therefore. that is the home screen
Yeah I sort of get the Home page thing. Not that I like it, so will live with it.

What about the MP3/ringtone with the Messages?