[XPOSED] Suggestions Toggle Allows You To Turn Off/On AutoCorrect

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    With Auto correct who in the world needs spelling class? Am I right?! The fact of the matter is that auto correct has truly changed the world. It has turned borderline illiterates into pure literary geniuses. While auto correct is often the bomb it can also get you into lots of trouble and can make you look like a real goof ball. We have all seen the auto correct nightmare memes of a teen sending some graphic and awful text to his mother all due to an auto correct malfunction. Sometimes these auto correct engines will change a word to something that we had no intentions of using at all. This can really be detrimental in certain scenarios. Imagine attempting to text, "see you later!" to your boss and somehow having auto correct turn that into "see you loser!". Your boss could easily take this as a resignation text and go hire some bum off the street to replace you.

    You don't have to endure this kind of situation thanks to a new Xposed module created by developer "theknut". The new mod "suggestions toggle" allows you to double tap any text box to enable/disable suggestions. This will work on Swiftkey and Google Keyboad on both Jelly Bean and Kit Kat. You can grab this mod from the link below for FREE.

    Via XDA
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