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    I've recently gotten an Xperia J phone (it was cheap, and i needed a phone i could afford) and i have a new SD card i put in, to move the memory of the phone to. now, I'm under the understanding that android phones in particular have changed their O.S. in such a way that THERE IS NO LONGER A CHOICE to move info to the SD card, only to the interior memory, or to the phone (neither of which seem to have any memory available whatsoever for the many many mnay instant updates that fill the phone to bursting, whether or not you want them.

    So, I am attempting to find out if there is any way whatsoever that i can fix this so that my downloads and updates and apps, etc. will fill the SD CARD first! (and to move what's in the phone cluttering it up into the SD CARD as well) Please help, and not with techspeak?

    I thank you in advance for your time and effort.
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