Word of the day "Rooting"...and having issues

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    Android Version
    FRG01B (manual upgrade from link found on Droid-Life)

    Kernal Version

    I bought and installed Easy Root. Clicked "Agreed" and bam, I'm rooted. Installed Busy Box, Drocap2, Barnacle WiFi, and ROM Manager all at once.

    Barnacle Wifi gives me a message "link_image [1995]: failed to link su CANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE"

    BusyBox keeps giving me "Satus:Waiting..." everytime I open it. When I install, it does say "Done!" but if I go back into it, status waiting is back. Normal?

    Drocap2 "failed to execute"

    My little ninja friend su comes up a blank screen and no window pops up for me to give or not give permission for any root apps.

    I do have Terminal Em installed btw. I've typed su after the $ and I get "link_image [1995]: failed to link su CANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE" as well.

    I have searched on the internet for any help hoping to NOT come to this point, but it looks hopeless. What am I doing wrong? I would be very greatful for any point of direction, thank you. :icon_eek:
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