Woman Refuses To Give Up Smartphone to Robber and Gets Shot

Discussion in 'Android News' started by dgstorm, Jul 21, 2014.

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    I think here, you're dead wrong.. Any experienced martial artist (not a person with a few years of experience, a competent and knowledgeable person) will tell you to evaluate the situation and act as you are able... Period.. I didn't say anything about a "basic" self defense class.. Because let me tell ya as a martial arts instructor... Weapons and mass attacks are advanced techniques..

    I'll also tell you this.. It doesn't matter what belt color or level a person might atain.. The people that are able to defend against a gun successfully, are those who have trained and practiced it in such a way that its as close to real world combat, as it can get.

    If you want to say... Oh.. There's a gun.. That person can do whatever they like.. Well.. Thats your way..

    I personally have trained over half my life, just for these situations. I've been on the wrong end of a gun a few different times.. And let me tell ya.. If a person has a gun.. You better assume they intend to kill... Because if you're unwilling to act, or unable.. They could kill you at any time.. Even by accident (misfire or nervous shaking of their hand)

    Standing idly by with a gun pointed at me... Is not anything I'll ever do..

    You're thinking that they will just go away if you give them what they're after.. And yes, sometimes that is what happens.. But there are other times where the person will kill anyway.

    Its a matter of perspective.. Mine is that if you point a gun at me.. One of us will die, and with every fiber of my being, i intend to make damn sure it's not myself or my loved ones.

    If anything.. The phone adds to my ability to close the gap, and aids as a distraction...

    I've been on the wrong end of a gun, the worst time, i was 15 feet away and let me tell you.. It was a sinking feeling.. A 5 foot wide area, no place to fade(fall back).. An alarm going off, gave me an opening.. This event, drilled into my skull.. That you can't just assume that criminals with guns will just take what they want and leave.. I hope nobody finds themselves in a situation like that.. But if you do.. It will forever change things for you.. Thankfully for me.. I had training and a hell of a lot of luck on my side.

    IMHO.. Until you've been there... You don't know what you can/can't do.. There are scenarios where the only outcome is dying.. Our highest trained warriors die from things out of their control... Sometimes you can do everything right and still get your ticket punched.

    Sometimes a nervous gun man can freak out and a simple snatch and grab can turn into a triple homicide.. Ya just never know.
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