Which CM 10.2 Nightly Are You On? Performance Issues?

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    I literally JUST installed CM 10.2 for the first time. This was my first attempt at installing any mod. I know this is a nightly, therefore not necessarily by any means a "Stable" release. I downloaded and installed the Nightly dated 9-19 (most recent).

    I'm curious as to which phone you have (RAZR/RAZR MAXX) if that matters, which nightly you've installed and if you've experienced any performance issues.

    Here's mine:
    CM Version 10.2 Nightly 9-19

    Problem(s): cannot turn on Wi-Fi (ON gets highlighted but never turns blue, goes back to OFF), cannot get connected to 4G (Network Mode: selected CDMA+LTE/EVD0...not sure).

    Edit (9/20/13): After a couple of reboots, my phone is actually fine. My wireless does work, and the Preferred Network Mode I'm using is CDMA+LTE/EVDO. Just threw this on last night and will update as needed.

    Is 4.3 not suppose to show the text 4G on top like the Stock ROM does? It just shows LTE. Just a little confused there.

    I could be missing something. Feel free to inform me.

    I'm assuming to go back to a previous CM, you can just wipe your data slot and reinstall, right?

    Again, please post which Nightly you are using and what doesn't seem to work. I'm looking to possibly backtrack to something that IS stable or again, trying to see if I just set something wrong.
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    Droid Razr Maxx
    CM Version 10.2 9/18 Nightly

    Was previously running 9/10 and it was near perfect but I just upgraded to 9/18. 9/18 seems a bit slower than 9/10 to me and battery life does not seem to be as good.

    Josh, to "go back", try this:

    Tap the lower left soft key and choose System Settings. Next scroll down to About Phone. Tap on Cyanogenmod Updates and look for the ROM you previously installed (and liked). Tap on the little phone icon with the arrow on it on the right side and it will ask you if you want to install this update. Should work.... even if you are going backwards.

    Once you have CM installed, you shouldn't have to go back into safestrap anymore to wipe the slot and install. The CM installer does it all from within the android OS. However, I do go into SafeStrap to clear my system and Davlik cache before upgrading.

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