Where are the dialing settings for prefixes?

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    I must be an idiot... I can't find the dialing settings for prefix.

    I have most of my phone numbers entered as 10 digit areacode-prefix-subscriber (xxx-xxx-xxxx).
    I was expecting settings to define rules for the phone to fill in defaults based on the numbers entered before hitting [send/dial].
    1 - 6 digits : dial as is
    7 digits : prefix with xxx (or 1xxx)
    10 digits: prefix with 1
    something like that.

    With the area code overlay we will need to dial the area code or 1+area code from vzw cell phones (1+area code from landline).
    I wanted to automatically cover the few 7 digit numbers I have in my contacts.

    I'm using DejaContacts on the phone although I have synced it to my Google contacts a couple of times (which gets it in the native contacts on the phone).
    I couldn't find anything in DejaContacts like this either.

    Is there an app where you can define rules, run it one time and convert all your numbers in the phone contacts or DejaContacts?

    [edit] I'm finding a few apps that can do most of this. prefixer and the likes... I thought about always entering full numbers many years ago. Wish I had done that -- not to bright actually, since full numbers have always worked with every phone system but I figured I was saving some characters and memory space and it was easier to look at. Now I've got many years of contacts/numbers in various lengths and formats in a multitude of contact lists (outlook, phones, palm desktop, etc, etc) some synced, some not. :(
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