What's an Android enthusiast to do?

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    I bought my Droid X on December 29th and I, for the most part, love it. I've noticed a few annoyances, like random rebooting or my phone just completely freezing while playing music on occasion, but nothing too intolerable. Now with all this talk about Verizon's upcoming tiered data plans, I'm just not sure what I should do. Obviously, I would be grandfathered in with unlimited 3g, but I'm also considering picking up a Thunderbolt and getting grandfathered in with 4g instead [plus, I've been suffering from a bit of phone envy because of awesome 4g speeds and the front facing camera =P]. Should I buy a Thunderbolt, or would it be possible to wait for a different 4g phone and switch to that after the July 7th date? I've also heard from p3droid on twitter saying how he had his cousin add a line to his to get the Charge for the contract price, added a $9.99 dumb phone to the newly created line, then got a $10 credit through customer loyalty/retention. I'm really interested in how he did that, but wouldn't it essentially make him pay an extra $10 monthly for 2 years just to have 4g? If I ended up not going the 4g route, I'd probably end up keeping my X and maybe switching to Sprint after my contract expires. Thanks for the help!