What would be the ultimate Android device?

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    If you got to put in feedback for a Droid 2, or a completely new Android device, what things would you mention to add/change/fix/keep?

    Change: I know some don't, but I love the physical keyboard. I would just prefer it to be centered. I also like the D-pad, just not exactly where it is located. Granted, I did get used to the keyboard after using it for a couple of days, and like it, but for the perfect Android hand-held, this would need to be fixed.

    Keep: The screen. It is beautiful, the glass is resilient to scratches. I like the extra 54x480 pixels. (I believe that is the resolution difference)

    Keep: The lower 4 buttons. I like those, and have had no problems with them. They work better than they do for the N1, by far!

    Fix: The camera button gold paint peels off. They need to put a clear coat over this, or something. I just can't believe they used WHITE plastic for this button. If they had used black, it wouldn't be that big of an issue.

    Add: FM transmitter/reciever. It would be nice to be able to broadcast a short range to your car stereo if you wanted to. Also, it would be fantastic to be able to recieve FM radio on the device!

    Fix: Battery door. I'm sure the replacements are good, I haven't tried one, but these come off too easily.