Bluetooth music streamer or FM transmiter

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    Okay, I asked a question like this on the back end of another thread and didn't get much response. Put some more thought into exactly what it is I wanted to do and am asking again:

    I have a portable amp. The kind you would plug a microphone into to talk to a large room full of people. It has the standard three pron or 1/4 inch single prong inputs. I want to stream music from my phone through this amp.

    I know I can purchase an adapter to go from the headphone jack directly into the 1/4 inch jack. But I want to do this wirelessly!

    So I had a couple ideas and was hoping someone could help me track down a product or had an idea that would work.

    First idea/ question: is there something bluetooth (receiver, speaker, streamer) with a headphone out jack that could work with this? (i.e. connect phone to speaker/ streamer and then connect speaker/ streamer to amp through headphone jack with adapter)

    Second idea: same thing but using a FM transmitter, a radio with a headphone jack and the adapter connected to the amp)

    On the same note are the FM transmitters as good as the bluetooth devices? One reason I would prefer a FM transmitter would be to use it in my car as well (no aux input or anything else in my car except an AM/FM radio)

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