Video playback on SmartTV?

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    Hey guys.... Thought I'd pick your brains for a moment. I'll try to be as concise as I can but it'll seem a little long-winded lol. Here goes:

    I was messing around with some features on my hubby's new Samsung Smart TV - I noticed that when I mess around with the bluetooth stuff on my Rezound, the TV will show up as a discoverable device, so I paired the two.

    I remembered that I have a few videos on my phone so I tried to send them via bluetooth to the TV - I go to my 'gallery' and select the video I want and in the top-right of the phone's screen is the "output" option. I select it and there's the TV available... I chose the TV to send the video to... The TV itself then goes black and a "loading" screen appears on it but then it displays an error message saying it cannot play the selected file format. (I'm assuming it means mp4s.)

    Now, this only happens with the videos I have recorded but it WILL work with the videos that were preloaded by Verizon when I got the phone. Those are mp4s as well.

    Has anyone ever tried it or does anyone know how to get this to work? It certainly seems like it should work since the preloaded Verizon videos work. I haven't tried it between my Rezound and my Xoom, though. That'll be my next test, I suppose.

    Any thoughts? Thanks!

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