HDMI Out Works with Pics, not video

Discussion in 'Droid X Tech Support' started by Tomnibus, Nov 15, 2010.

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    Nov 15, 2010
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    I got my shiny new HDMI cable and wanted to try out showing my Droid Videos I recorded on my TV. I hooked it up. The video source is not recognized by my TV.

    I went to the HDMI settings and chose "Automatic" for the output.

    I go to my gallery, I choose the images and the video the TV says its outputting 720p and displays my pictures. But when I get to the video at the end I choose to play it and it complains it doesn't recognize the output from the phone. I can see it trying to change resolution on the TV but I don't know what it's trying to change it to.

    If I force it to 720p 60Hz (I'm in the US) then it does the same thing, pictures just fine, video not. Same thing if I go to 480p 60Hz.

    Could it be my TV? (Sharp Aquos) or the format I recorded the video? (High Definition 720p).

    I'm running Android 2.2