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Discussion in 'Android General Discussions' started by coastiefish, Jul 6, 2011.

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    Im reading all kinds of reviews and news right now. Someone please help.
    For starters, Im not worried about money. Ill be locked in to a phone for 2 years, and I want to like it. Right now I have a droid 2 and its not miserable, but I dont love it, either.

    Im looking at the Thunderbolt, Charge, or Droid 3 right now. I swear the Droid 3 looks better and better. I love the keyboard, the 1080p video, bigger, better screen. I love it. BUT NO 4G. :(

    Im seeing tons of people complain about the Thunderbolt and the Charge. I root all my phones and dont mind loading custom roms, are these two phones that bad?!? Does anyone actually recommend one? Im getting a new phone. I just dont know if any of these are that great.
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    The only thing I can comment on is the Droid 3, and it looks good. You'll be grandfathered into unlimited 4g if you do decide to get one. I dont believe the Droid 3 is coming out before the new tiered plans go into effect.

    You might be able to convince Verizon or wherever you plan to get your phone to get another smartphone to hold you over til the Droid 3 drops....

    Currently the only phone I'd get on VZW is the Inc2. I can do without 4g even though I'm in a 4g area, but really see no need for it right now.
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    The Thunderbolt has a widespread problem (not everyone, but it seems most are affected) of rebooting itself, but that fix should be coming within the next few weeks.

    Outside of that, the biggest complaint against the 4G phones is battery life. While the Charge does get a slightly better battery life, this is because it comes with a larger battery compared with the Thunderbolt. It is pretty much expected that if you are going to get a 4G phone, you will need to get the extended battery, unless you can regularly plug it into the charger. Otherwise, you can expect your stock battery to last just the day or less.