[Update] Vizio Android Tablet Details Begin to Emerge

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    We now have interesting new tidbits surrounding the Vizio Android tablet we teased about Monday. The folks over at Engadget got their lucky hands on a preview device and its specs and features look pretty cool. Some of the highlights are:
    • 8-inch LCD clocking in at 1024 x 768
    • 1GHz+ CPU
    • 2GB of storage for the user
    • microSD slot
    • Micro USB
    • HDMI port
    It also features two speakers on the top, and another speaker on the right side, and supposedly has SRS surround sound capabilities. Even more interesting is that it includes an IR blaster built in, which can function as a universal remote! This makes sense as all the Vizio Android products are designed to be used in-tandem in their VIA Plus 'ecosystem' of Vizio products. Right now, this version is probably not using Honeycomb, but it is expected to when it is finally released. No word as yet when that will be. We will offer more details as they become available. Hit the link below for a video demo of the tablet in action! Also, if you want to chat more about it, head over to our cool sister site at Androidtablets.net in the Vizio Tablets section!

    Source: Engadget
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    2gb internal :S not so sure about that haha