Underclock and cpu ma management

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    Just installed Jrummys overclock app and it is working fine. Running the theory rom 2.0. 300 600 800 1000 are the slots. On demand seems to work with it fine. Set cpu you how to set it on demand. Any moto setting seem to lock it up on boot and when you closed and opened the screen. Will keep an update on how it works. Saving battery yet speed while in a call is most important to me. 4 profiles and run at boot. Advanced default settings. All is flying so far

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    Update, not bugs so far. And for all worrying that dual core means only one core is controlled... Maybe if it was dual processors, unless they completely turned from how other kernels are tuned the dual core is either risk or cisk piplined (data process streams) regardless on a single processor with two cores they are linked speed wise. Again unless they re invented the wheel which I doubt they did. And it is making a difference. I have it set for in call 600-1000 , screen off 300-600, >25% battery 300-600, and full or charging at 600-1000 and main overall is 300-1000 (when none of the other profiles are met) kernel sampling rate 300000 up threshold 95 powersave bias 0. Haven't played with much, its fast, responsive, and has not locked up once since doing it. Set CPU did lock up on the previous build.
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