Unable to connect to Backup assistant

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    Exactly as the title suggests,

    so i just did a factory reset on my phone and now im recconecting all my accounts and when i went to connect back up assistant it says network unavailable call *611 for assistance and i cant do that because i dont really talk to my mom and she pays my phone bill and she has the password that verizon asks for to be able to confirm your a customer....so the question becomes is there anyway to get recconected to it i can send texts make phone calls surf the web but for some reason i cant get connected to backup assistant and it has some phone numbers in there i need thats the main problem and i have a second one which led me to all this but u can ignore if u like which is my friend has a iphone 4s with att i believe. we cant recieve any of eacothers texts but we can call eachother no problem. any ideas what would cause this issue? but either way i am more concerned with getting reconnected with back up assistant all answers are appreciated

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