Typos In Receiver's Msg not In Original

Discussion in 'Droid RAZR MAXX' started by kellygh5, Sep 8, 2012.

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    I've noticed in quite a few emails that have some back-n-forth exchange that typos appear in my text that were not present in the original msg. Make sense? I send email, person responds, and when I get the response, there are typos in my original text that were not present when I sent it. For example: my signature in settings is "sent from Kelly's Razr Maxx." In a response containing previous text, my sig frequently comes back as "sent from kell'@'apos Razr Maxx. I go back into settings, check sig, no error, but it comes back as one from recipient. Slang saved in dictionary, such as "y'all," often comes back with a weird typo. Very curious to me, and if it were just emails to friends, I wouldn't care; however, I do care when important emails go out with typos not seen on my end. Any thoughts? Thx!
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    I've had similar issues.. that or I'm thumbing it... I look and a typo isn't there, but it appears.. even on here.. idk.. I'll be watching to see if anybody has any remedies..

    I've tried clearing data and force closing the moto input app. Seemed to help for a while.