TSMC & ARM Successfully Tape Out First 16nm Cortex-A57 Processor

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    The rapidity with which our tech industry continues to advance is beginning to become downright scary. While we are excitedly discussing current 28nm Cortex A-15 Exynos 5 Octa chips, TSMC and ARM just successfully taped out a new 16nm FinFET based 64-bit Cortex-A57 processor. This new processor promises enormous advantages in terms of performance and battery efficiency. Here's the full press release,

    Supposedly, this new mobile chip technology is not far off from actual production modules. Furthermore, this new tech heralds as much as triple the performance of current chips and/or five times better battery life usage. It's pretty amazing what can be accomplished when two competitors come together to collaborate. The future keeps getting so bright, shades may not be enough!